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    Stop the "Windows update madness" on WS2016!

    Dear Microsoft Windows Server team. We would like _complete control_ over when we would like our our WS2016 to install windows updates! No more slow / timeconsuming server restarts because of "Getting Windows ready. Do not turn off your computer" messages when we just would like a quick restart of a production server.. No more TiWorker.exe using 100% of a CPU core during "*********" and so on.. And please fix the issues with '2017-08 Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB4035631)' asap. Thank you.

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      • Matt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I have to agree with all the comments I have read and I feel everyones pain, everyday.

        The frist suggestion here is this: QUIT treating Server 2016 like it is someones home PC. I am fairly sure that MS2016 Datacenter is NOT a home product.

        - GET RID OF DEFENDER - I can provide screen shots of machines utilizing defender with
        thousands and thousands of infections - IT HAS NO PLACE ON SERVER !!!
        - Next, just to refresh Microsofts memory - Server products are used for critical operations
        STOP focring updates and restarts let us choose the times so we can notify critical operation
        that restarts are going to happen - you are putting the jobs of professionals in jepardy - We
        are tired of being blamed for Microsofts Dictatorship style of ruling!
        - FIX IE - just because you have it so locked down upon install does NOT make it a secure
        product. Especially when we have to disable all the securtity just to go to Microsofts websites!
        You really could learn a thing or two from Chrome and Firefox - they put their customers first.
        - STOP moving our tools around, you may enjoy Easter Egg hunts with you kids - BUT NOT at
        work in critical situations. You are HURTING the engineers that support you ! Give us
        (YOUR MCSE's) the choice of wanting to search for how to do everything or not. Your
        screwing with our jobs.
        - Try fixing the tens of thousands of bad links on your websites. I really hate the click here for
        details or help and all I get is half-@#$ ****.
        - How can you have an event ID and source for event log errors that have no information on
        - STOP trying to force ****** apps like Defender and IE on us, now it's edge and skype that
        you can't unistall.
        - Make your System Center products (that you forced us to buy with Datacenter) perform like
        your competors tools. After 20 years, DPM still can not restore a single mailbox, let alone a
        single email! Everyone else does it, are you to incompetent to give your engineers what they
        need? I would be ashamed to have my company name on any of your System Center

        I could go on for days writing this, I have been supporting Microsoft WIndows since 3.1 and NT 3.1. So I definately have the background to say "You Treat those of us that support you LIKE TRASH". I am probably one of your oldest engineers, and never, not once, have you ever listened to us. Well, maybe getting us the business verion of XP, but nothing else.

        The one thing that keeps Microsoft going is it's engineers and our recomendations. I have news for you, we are fed up with your ****, your incompetence and your forcing garbage on us. Start fixing your products, or you'll end up just like Tandy as we, the engineers start pushing to remove all Microsoft products from our environments.

        NOT A JOKE - you better start asking us, the engineers what we want and need in new versions of Server. We use, support, fix, recomend and buy your products. It's time to put us first, Linux is starting to become very attractive.

        Sorry to rant here, but I am sick and tired of all the bull. Auditing starts again next week and we will get ripped apart because of Microsoft yet again!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Same here, this is ludicrous! There's no reason why we, the admins, should not have full control over updates on a SERVER regardless of the server edition.

      • Richard P. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Also here: Very Long time for installing updates on 2016 Servers.
        For example: 2 identical Servers with Exchange 2016 in VM. One took only 1h 45m for cumulative November update, the other one ist working(?) on the same update since 7 hours!
        No remarkable CPU / Disk / LAN activity.
        Seems, MS has forgotten how to write programs at all.

      • binary commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I experinece exaclty the same problem on all my Server 2016 machines at work and in my private lab environment. Even with nvme SSD it take about 8 minutes to pass "Getting Windows ready" screen. On SAN without SSDs it takes about 50 min and for our 2012R2 servers everything is done in only 20 min.

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