To improve Windows Server I suggest you ...

integrate professionally sharepoint search connection native in Windows Explorer and make it the preferred choice in its search applet

Windows search has to be deprecated.
- It is not cluster-aware.
- You cannot automate the rollout and
- Cannot orchestrate a bunch of nodes with the same configuration and
- last but not least you only have the choice between pest or cholera if you want to use an abstract namespace with all the advantages for background migrations by using the distrubuted file system (dfs), cause windows search is still incompatible with dfs - and never was it!

Sharepoint does it!

But sharepoint is still not integrated in windows explorer. You only have the possibility to import an „osdx-File“ with the OpenSearch 1.1 Provider interface. But you do not search on sharepoint and provide a huge I/O utilization on the fileserver node unless you hit the search icon that you created with the „osdx-File“ first.
But there are negative Points for OpenSearch. OpenSearch Provider is an old interface and the sharepoint does not consider the whole bunch of search functions for that small feature set.
Actually we placed an enterprise developing order and closed some advisory cases for that problematic around sharepoint and indexing dfs namespaces.
But you can do it better and professionally in next server releases and for all you customers around the world!

We request with this post

- that you integrate sharepoint search native into the windows explorer as the preferred search engine – no need to import an osdx, the search bar uses directly the sharepoint search cluster address .

- That you provide an set of group policies and the possibility to configure it also with powershell.
f.e. one or several URLs for Search Center Adress on a per user level.

- that you give as soon as possible the ability to hide the search bar in all contexts in the windows explorer unless a registered search provider is chosen (group policy setting).

- That you replace windows search with sharepoint search as the search provider in outlook in order to avoid indexing personal folder files on a network drive.

- Create a „Sharepoint Search Client“ for Desktops and RDS, so the administrators can decide if there has to be a centralized sharepoint search farm or a client can index locally (default).
But also it is important that you can set several parameters in group policies or via powershell – f.e. for setting the indexing database path.

We know that you can develope a professional new search approach for the future and delight your customer.

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