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  1. PowerShell ISE does not detect changes to a file open in PowerShell ISE when that file is modified outside of PowerShell ISE.

    Votes from Connect: 3

    Original Date Submitted: 10/27/2015 6:11:19 PM

    Contact Information
    Handle: jwirl
    Site Name: PowerShell
    Feedback ID: 1950051

    Frequency: PowerShell ISE
    Regression: 1. Open a script file in PowerShell ISE.
    2. Open up the same script file in another editor i.e. notepad++ or Microsoft Visual Studio
    3. Make a change to the script file in the other editor and save it.
    4. Return to PowerShell ISE, it does not warn you that the script file has been changed else where and it does not re-load the script file into the ISE window.
    5. Make a change to…

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