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Duplicate keys error with ConvertFrom-Json

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Original Date Submitted: 9/3/2014 2:35:32 AM

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Handle: bvbutts
Site Name: PowerShell
Feedback ID: 962299

Frequency: Always Happens
Regression: I do not know if this issue existed previously

Problem Description:
If you try to parse JSON with parameters that differ by case, eg. {"test":"some value","Test":"some other value"}, you get a duplicate keys error. However, case sensitivity among parameters seems to be a supported feature of JSON. Furthermore, views this as valid JSON.

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Repro Steps:
$x='{"test":"some value","Test":"some other value"}'|ConvertFrom-Json

Expected Results:
I expected this JSON to parse into a regular PSCustomObject/collection. As a work-around, you can deserialize such JSON strings with the .NET object System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer, but I'd prefer to use the PowerShell cmdlets. I've only experienced this issue in PowerShell 3.0; I haven't tested it in more recent versions.

Internal BugId: 8984

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