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MKDIR and RM needs unix-like most pertinent switches

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Original Date Submitted: 1/3/2015 6:07:28 AM

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Frequency: Always Happens
Regression: Yes, this happens in all previous versions

Problem Description:
Part 1:

In bash, we say:

rm -f

In Powershell, the equivalent is:

rm -Force

Please add an alias -f, so to make it compatible with unix-like shells. It helps a lot in C/C++ CMAKE and other scripting scenarios like Nodejs etc.

Part 2:

We desperately need mkdir -p (or --parents) switch of Unix in Windows. Going by the man (manual);, it says:

"Create parent directories as necessary. When this option is used, no error is reported if a specified DIRECTORY already exists."

The emphasis on "no error is reported". This is EXTREMEMLY important in C/C++ make recipes.

Hope it will buzz into the ears at Redmond and will arrive in posh vNext.

Thanks in anticipation!

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Repro Steps:
mkdir /temp; rm -rf /temp

-f is not a switch, instead use rm -r /temp -Force! Which is yuck!

mkdir -p /temp/and/then/some/non/existent/path

-p is unrecognized.

Expected Results:
Introduce -f switch to rm and -p to mkdir in vNext of powershell.

Internal BugId: 13174

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