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DSC Please make sure key properties are unique for each resource in a node.

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Original Date Submitted: 1/29/2015 7:34:02 AM

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Handle: aL3891
Site Name: PowerShell
Feedback ID: 1106345

Frequency: Always Happens
Regression: Yes, this happens in previous released versions

Problem Description:
i've investigated DSC but found it to be almost unusable on any kind of scale since it seems every variable is stored in some global scope, not even quantified with step names.

This makes it impossible to so something as simple as stopping and starting a service to update it, surely a common scenario. (Because the "Name" has to be unique)

Even worse, trying to work around this limitation using script resources since the script blocks are not allowed to be the same on a single node, meaning that parameterization is impossible (variable names are not expanded before this check)

This essentially makes DSC unusable for any kind of system that has more than one service running on it, atleast if some degree of code duplication is going to be avoided.

it is possible that this can be solved by writing completley custom resources yourself, but then what is the point of DSC?

i really hope i missed some fundamental part of DSC because right now some very basic resources doesnt seem to working for any kind of realistic scenario out of the box

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Internal BugId: 13208

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