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The PowerShell course that Microsoft is offering via edX should have a free audit option like the other Microsoft/edX courses

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Original Date Submitted: 4/23/2015 6:45:25 PM

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Handle: Kirk Munro
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I discussed this with Kenneth at the PowerShell Summit this week, and he suggested I log an issue here. There is a PowerShell course on edX that can be found here:

This course costs $200 US.

There are 6 other Microsoft courses on edX on C#, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Azure, O365, and Transact-SQL. Those courses offer both a paid certificate option and a free audit option. But the PowerShell one only has a $200 US paid option? This doesn't make sense. PowerShell is important enough that you should be helping people learn it for free if they want to take the course without the certificate. Please fix this by offering a free audit option for PowerShell.

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