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Add maintenance window awareness to DSC / LCM

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Original Date Submitted: 8/13/2015 12:17:49 AM

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Problem Description:
Suggestion one:

Add maintenance window awareness to the Local Configuration Manager. Edited via metaconfig, it specifies times when configuration changes are acceptable, when automated reboots are acceptable. Further automates configuration maintenance especially when you're implementing changes vs. correcting drift.

Suggestion two:

Add universal "DoNotImplementBefore" and "ImplementBy" settings to DSC resources. Just as "Present=" specifies to add/remove something, these would indicate a date/time for the setting to become valid (e.g., "we want to implement a bunch of changes, but not before x date") and a deadline by which the setting just be implemented (e.g., "this has to happen by x date"). The latter might play into the LCM configuration: For example, when set to ApplyAndAutoCorrect, even if AutoReboot=$false, an auto reboot may occur once a setting passes its "ImplementBy" date/time without previously being implemented.

These suggestions reflect some of the realities of managing a production environment.

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