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#Requires -Module needs RequiredVersion option

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Original Date Submitted: 11/14/2015 5:05:21 AM

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Handle: June Blender
Site Name: PowerShell
Feedback ID: 2014667

Problem Description:
To require the exact version of a module, I need a RequiredVersion option in #Requires.

The ModuleVersion key in the #Requires -Module hashtable: @{ModuleName=''; ModuleVersion=''} behaves as a minimum version requirement. Not all versions of all modules are backward-compatible. With the proliferation of versions, including side-by-side in PowerShell 5.0, we need to be able to require a particular version.

Also, about_Requires describes the ModuleVersion, but does not mention that it's a minimum (because I didn't know that when I wrote it -- should have tested!).

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Internal BugId: 15970

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