User Voice How To FAQ

This is an article describing how to start User Voice and how the Windows Server Product Team will respond. 

How to start User Voice? 
1.     Create user account. (Enter contact in case we need to ask more questions. ) 
2.     Add your voice! (I wish… )
3.     Cast a vote to the idea you like. You get 10 votes total! 

What ideas will be most considered by the Windows Server Product Team? 
·         Idea with high votes will be considered heavily.
·         Clear and actionable ideas will be reviewed quickly.  

Caution: Do not create a single idea with multiple ideas contained in it. We need to understand the priorities. Please make sure they are separate ideas so we can see clear votes on each distinct idea. In this case, we will likely to close the idea. 

Windows Server Product Team Response:
Once the Windows Server Product Team has reviewed the idea, the idea status will change. 

Note: "Under Review" status means that the Windows Server Product Team is reviewing. It does not guarantee any deliverable. 

We will provide notification on all declined ideas.

When do votes get released? 
Each vote get released when the idea is closed (either decline or completed).

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