1. Classes do not support data hiding.

  2. Feature Req: Exchange data between resources  ·  duplicate

  3. Add the ability to view previous PerfMon data captures

  4. Make Windows Search service work with Data Deduplication service

  5. [Bug] RDMA data only updates when counters are sampled externally

  6. Modification time is different on "get-gpo" if queried directly or stored in an array

  7. Storage Replica: show percentage or amount of data replicated/to be replicated

  8. Out-GridView fails to display data for properties starting or ending with whitespace characters.

  9. Performance Metrics, Options to send historical data to Azure Analytics for history trends

  10. FIXED: Windows Server 2016 VDI Deduplication caused data corruption; Please Fix!  ·  bug

  11. Allow admins to adjust the 'minimum copies' of data allowed before write access is removed

  12. DirectorySearcher's FindOne method returns data more slowly than FindAll.

  13. Implement cmdlets to get data in and out of the windows clipboard

  14. Make it easier for module authors to store user configuration data in the right location

  15. Transcription logs data which is not visible in the console

  16. [Connections] [Add] Ability to query AD for list of connections to add  ·  completed

  17. The "fsutil fsinfo drivetype" command should distinquish between HDD and SSD for the Fixed Drive response.

  18. [Overview] Historical performance data for dashboard statistics

  19. [NEW Tool] Resource Monitor

  20. Out-GridView should not leave a trailing tab character when ctrl+c is used with only one data row present.

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