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    I have exactly the same problem. I can’t connect to my ISP/internet by using the PPP0E dial-up connection in RRAS of Windows 2016.
    - fresh install of the OS, installed all the available updates (29/7/2017)
    - Installed the Remote Access role. All default.
    - Started the routing and remote access manager.
    - Started the ‘Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access wizard’.
    - Selected Network address translation (NAT)
    - Create a new Demand-Dial interface to the Internet
    - Selected the Internet facing NIC
    - Completed the Demand-Dial Interface wizard (selecting PPPoE)
    - In the Routing and Remote Access interface I go to Network Interfaces and right click on the just created PPPoE Demand-Dial interface and select connect
    - Then I get the error message: An error occurred during connection of the interface. The connection was closed by the remote Computer. And the connection is failed
    When I dive into the c:\Windows\tracing\RASMAN.txt log I see that the PPPoE connection is set up but it disconnects directly afterwards.
    In the System log I get :
    -RasMan Event ID 20267 – The user xyz successfully established a connection to Proximus 3 using the device PPPoE5-0
    But directly followed by:
    -RasMan Event ID 20268 – The connection to Proximus 3 made by user xyz using device PPPoE5-0 was disconnected
    And then :
    -RemoteAccess Event ID 20111 – A Demand Dial connection to the remote interface Proximus 3 on port PPPoE5-0 was successfully initiated but failed to complete successfully because of the following error: The connection was closed by the remote computer.
    In the c:\Windows\tracing\IpHlpSvc.txt log I can see that I even received a public IP from my ISP.
    When I go in Windows to ‘Settings – Network & Internet – Dial up’ I see my Demand-Dial connection created in the RRAS interface. When I click on it and select Connect and fill in the correct credentials from my ISP, the system crashes (BSOD) with the Stop Code: Bad Pool Caller. Both in the Hyper-V guest OS as on the OS installed directly on hardware. Everytime. So reproducible.

    I my tests are done with mprddm.dll (Systems32 and SysWOW64) file/product-version 10.0.14393.1198
    If found on the internet that someone fixed it in a previous version by editing the mprddm.dll file with a HEX-Editor. But Windows server 2016 uses another verson of the mprddm.dll and think it’s up to Microsoft to edit their own DLL’s. I’m not going to mess with these dll’s.
    In the comment of ‘Vitamine C’ in this link he is also referring to a difference in how VPN and PPPoE is handled

    In mprddm.dll's RasPortConnected function, here is a call to RasGetPortUserData with tag=0x0d which means tunnel endpoint info, VPN connection has a valid data but PPPoE does not, so this call will failed with error code 1168(item not found), then RasPortConnected closes the port, connection drops.
    In windows server 2012, even if RasGetPortUserData failed, mprddm.dll just prints a debug message via TracePrintfEx, and ignores the error.
    Just patching the je after RasGetPortUserData to jmp (0x74 -> 0xeb)
    00007FFE4C739129 mov eax,dword ptr [rsi+30h]
    00007FFE4C73912C mov ecx,1
    00007FFE4C739131 lea r8,[rdi+51Ch]
    00007FFE4C739138 lea edx,[rcx+7Fh]
    00007FFE4C73913B cmp ax,0Fh
    00007FFE4C73913F lea r9,[rsp+30h]
    00007FFE4C739144 cmove ecx,edx
    00007FFE4C739147 mov edx,0Dh
    00007FFE4C73914C mov dword ptr [rdi+20h],ecx
    00007FFE4C73914F mov rax,qword ptr [rsi+8]
    00007FFE4C739153 mov qword ptr [rdi+10h],rax
    00007FFE4C739157 mov rcx,qword ptr [rsi+8]
    00007FFE4C73915B mov dword ptr [rsp+30h],14h
    00007FFE4C739163 call qword ptr [__imp_RasGetPortUserData ]
    00007FFE4C739169 mov ebx,eax
    00007FFE4C73916B test eax,eax
    00007FFE4C73916D je RasPortConnected+308h <-----{here, change 0x74, 0x3d to 0xeb, 0x3d}

    I used Windows Server 2016 Datacenter v1607 (OS Build 14393.1480)

    I tried a fresh install on as a Hyper-V guest and on a standalone hardware pc (not domain joined). Each time fresh install from dvd with all updates and the RRAS role + config as described. Noting else. -> Both the same issue.
    I can connect to my ISP by setting up a separate PPPoE connection in the Network and Sharing Center – ‘Set up a new connection or network’ in the same OS without any problem and that is always working, but you cannot use this connection in RRas. So this is no solution to me.

    This is an essential part in connecting a network directly to the internet, so it’s hard to understand why this is not fixed yet. Even the BSOD you get when you manually connect the connection in the ‘Network & Internet – Dial up’ as described above is in my opinion not acceptable.

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