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    Dewey commented  · 

    Matt I cannot agree more with your comments! I've been working with MS products for a very long time too, I too am fed up with direction they have been heading, the failure to adequately test and maintain products and there eye on the all mighty $ seems to be their ONLY priority in the last 15 years. They lost sight in what made them - the customer. I refuse to install ANY MS product that has been on the street for at least 2 years, at that point, it usually has most of the bugs worked out of it. Sad but true. Their rush to gain the $ is what's driving it. Want proof? Look at their move to SaaS (Software as a Service). They weren't making enough $. 2 pieces of garbage are Cortano & Edge, we don't need them them. If we don't want them, home users should be able to disable it. I know there are ways now. Another case of MS trying to strong arm everyone to use their products. We delete it immediately on our new Windows 10 installs at work. We NEED working links that are maintained better and faster updates to products that work the first time not needing updates which are 3X the size of the original software package. What are they thinking? Their solution is always to upgrade the OS, why? They didn't get it right the 1st time, why should we trust you'll do a good/better job with the next revision? The only difference is you'll have more of our money and we'll be farther down the rabbit hole with a new list of issues and we'll be beta testing your software for you again. Thanks Matt - I read your comments and started checking them off in my head, you nailed almost everyone I have had for years. I too am frustrated with the direction MS is heading and they don't seem to care about anything but the dollar. Thanks Matt!

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